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Diffusion characteristics study of locally Er-doped noncongruent, Li-deficient Ti:Er:LiNbO3 strip waveguide

  • De-Long Zhang (a1), Bei Chen (a1), Ping-Rang Hua (a1), Dao-Yin Yu (a1) and Edwin Y-B. Pun (a2)...


Locally Er3+-doped noncongruent, Li-deficient Ti:Er:LiNbO3 strip waveguide was fabricated with a technological process in sequence of preparation of Li-deficient LiNbO3 substrate using Li-poor vapor transport equilibration (VTE), Er3+, and Ti4+ diffusion in wet O2. The Li2O content change was evaluated from the measured birefringence. The Ti4+ and Er3+ profile characteristics in the waveguide were studied by secondary ion mass spectrometry. The results show that the VTE and subsequent Er3+ diffusion procedures resulted in totally ∼0.8 mol% Li2O content reduction. The Ti4+ profile follows a sum of two error functions in the width direction and a Gaussian function in the depth direction of waveguide. The Er3+ profile follows also a Gaussian function. At 1130 °C, the Ti4+ surface/depth diffusivity and surface concentration are 8.5 ± 1.3/1.98 ± 0.06 μm2/h and ∼7 mol%, respectively, and the Er3+ diffusivity and surface concentration are (12.8 ± 0.3) × 10−2 μm2/h and ∼0.6 mol%, respectively.


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Diffusion characteristics study of locally Er-doped noncongruent, Li-deficient Ti:Er:LiNbO3 strip waveguide

  • De-Long Zhang (a1), Bei Chen (a1), Ping-Rang Hua (a1), Dao-Yin Yu (a1) and Edwin Y-B. Pun (a2)...


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