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Dielectric properties of epitaxial KNbO3 ferroelectric thin films

  • Soma Chattopadhyay (a1), B. M. Nichols (a1), Jin-Ha Hwang (a1), T. O. Mason (a1) and B. W. Wessels (a1)...


The dielectric response of KNbO3 epitaxial ferroelectric thin films was measured as a function of bias, frequency, and temperature. Thin films with a thickness of 80 to 350 nm were deposited on spinel substrates by low-pressure metalorganic chemical vapor deposition. Bias dependence measurements showed hysteresis in the dielectric response. The dielectric constant decreased with bias, and the tunability was calculated to be between 35% and 42% for an applied field of 7 MV/cm. The frequency dependence of the dielectric constant followed a power law. A pronounced thickness effect was observed in the dielectric response, especially at the Curie temperature. With decreasing thickness, the dielectric constant and the loss tangent decreased. A diffuse ferroelectric phase transition was observed for films with a thickness less than 350 nm.



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