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Correlation of nanoindentation-induced deformation microstructures in diamondlike carbon coatings on silicon substrates with simulation studies

  • Ayesha J. Haq, Paul R. Munroe, Mark Hoffman (a1), Phil J. Martin and Avi Bendavid (a2)...


The effect of the presence of diamondlike carbon coatings deposited on (100) Si substrates on the deformation mechanisms operating in the silicon substrate during contact loading have been investigated by both cross-sectional transmission electron microscopy and modeling of the stresses generated beneath the indenter tip. The observed subsurface microstructures were correlated to the Tresca shear stress and the hydrostatic stress generated in the silicon substrate beneath the indenter tip. The presence of the coating altered the stresses generated in the substrate, and changed the deformation mechanism from one of principally phase transformation in uncoated Si to predominantly dislocation motion in the silicon substrate for the diamondlike C–Si system. The magnitude and distribution of the shear and hydrostatic stresses in the substrate were found to depend on both the indentation load and the thickness of the coating. Furthermore, the observed width of deformation, parallel to the interface, which was found to increase with coating thickness, was correlated to the wider distribution of the Tresca shear stress in the substrate brought about by the presence of the coating.


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