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Contact fatigue of silicon

  • Sanjit Bhowmick (a1), Juan José Meléndez-Martínez (a2) and Brian R. Lawn (a1)


Macroscopic cracks in bulk silicon are generally considered to be immune to fatigue. Here, evidence for pronounced fracture-related fatigue damage in cyclic contact loading of (001) monocrystalline silicon with hard spheres of millimeter-scale radius is presented. The periodic indentation field generates ring cracks around the contact, which proliferate with continued cycling. Copious debris in the form of slabs and particulates is ejected from within the crack walls onto the specimen surface. Continued ejection leads ultimately to large-scale surface removal. The fatigue damage progressively degrades the material strength, more rapidly at higher contact load. Implications concerning the function of silicon devices, including microelectro-mechanical systems, will be briefly discussed.


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Contact fatigue of silicon

  • Sanjit Bhowmick (a1), Juan José Meléndez-Martínez (a2) and Brian R. Lawn (a1)


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