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Compressive creep of dense Bi2Sr1.7CaCu2Ox

  • J.L. Routbort (a1), K.C. Goretta (a2), D.J. Miller (a1), D.B. Kazelas (a2), C. Clauss (a3) and A. Domínguez-Rodríguez (a3)...


Dense polycrystalline Bi2Sr1.7CaCu2Ox (2212) was deformed from 780–835 °C in oxygen partial pressures, Po2, of 103 to 2 × 104 Pa. Results could be divided into two stress regimes: one at lower stress in which the steady-state creep rate, ∊, was proportional to stress, γ, having an activation energy of 990 ± 190 kJ/mole and being independent of PO2, and another at higher stress in which ∊ was proportional to σn, with n ≍ 5–6. Transmission electron microscopy supported the interpretation that in the lower-stress viscous regime, creep was controlled by diffusion, whereas dislocation glide and microcracking were responsible for strain accommodation at higher stresses.



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Compressive creep of dense Bi2Sr1.7CaCu2Ox

  • J.L. Routbort (a1), K.C. Goretta (a2), D.J. Miller (a1), D.B. Kazelas (a2), C. Clauss (a3) and A. Domínguez-Rodríguez (a3)...


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