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Characterization of bond formation in SiC and Si3N4 implanted with Ti, Fe, and Co

  • Didier Zanghi (a1), Agnès Traverse (a1), Sébastien Gautrot (a2) and Odile Kaïtasov (a2)


Ti, Fe, and Co ions were implanted in two ceramics, SiC and Si3N4, to reach concentrations on the order of 10% over a depth of about 50–60 nm. X-ray absorption spectroscopy was performed at the K edge of the implanted ions to identify their local environment at the end of the implantation process. Ti was found to form Ti–C and Ti–N bonds whereas Co and Fe precipitated and formed clusters in Si3N4. CoSi was detected in SiC whereas, in the same matrix, Fe clusters coexist with FeSi. A coherent interpretation of these results is given in terms of the heat of reaction for all possible systems. We also successfully interpret in the same way some results found in literature in the case of implanted oxides.


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Characterization of bond formation in SiC and Si3N4 implanted with Ti, Fe, and Co

  • Didier Zanghi (a1), Agnès Traverse (a1), Sébastien Gautrot (a2) and Odile Kaïtasov (a2)


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