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Change in polarity of zinc oxide films grown on sapphire substrates without insertion of any buffer layer

  • Yutaka Adachi (a1), Naoki Ohashi (a1), Tsuyoshi Ohnishi (a1), Takeshi Ohgaki (a1), Isao Sakaguchi (a1), Hajime Haneda (a1) and Mikk Lippmaa (a2)...


We have investigated the polarity of zinc oxide (ZnO) and Al-doped ZnO films grown on (11¯20) and (0001) sapphire substrates, using coaxial impact collision ion scattering spectroscopy. The films grown by pulsed laser deposition with a nominally undoped ZnO ceramic target had a (000¯1) surface, whereas the films prepared with a 1 mol% Al-doped ZnO ceramic target had a (0001) surface. The usage of Al-doped and undoped targets caused no difference in the in-plane lattice orientation. Electron microscope observations revealed that polarity change due to doping occurred without the formation of any interfacial phase between ZnO and sapphire.


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Change in polarity of zinc oxide films grown on sapphire substrates without insertion of any buffer layer

  • Yutaka Adachi (a1), Naoki Ohashi (a1), Tsuyoshi Ohnishi (a1), Takeshi Ohgaki (a1), Isao Sakaguchi (a1), Hajime Haneda (a1) and Mikk Lippmaa (a2)...


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