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Blended elemental powder densification of Ti-6Al-4V by hot pressing

  • Bing Ye (a1), Marc R. Matsen (a2) and David C. Dunand (a3)


The densification kinetics of a blend of unalloyed Ti and Al-40V master alloy powders are measured during uniaxial hot pressing under 3–10 MPa pressure for thermal cycling (860–1020 °C) or isothermal (1020 °C) conditions. Subsequent heat treatment for 4–16 h at 1020 °C results in a homogeneous Ti-6Al-4V microstructure. This process provides a low-cost alternative to hot isostatic pressing of prealloyed Ti-6Al-4V powders.


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Blended elemental powder densification of Ti-6Al-4V by hot pressing

  • Bing Ye (a1), Marc R. Matsen (a2) and David C. Dunand (a3)


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