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Berkovich indentation of diamondlike carbon coatings on silicon substrates

  • Ayesha J. Haq (a1), P.R. Munroe (a1), M. Hoffman (a1), P.J. Martin (a2) and A. Bendavid (a2)...


The deformation behavior of diamondlike carbon (DLC) coatings on silicon substrates induced by Berkovich indentation has been investigated. DLC coatings deposited by a plasma-assisted chemical vapor deposition technique were subjected to nanoindentation with a Berkovich indenter over a range of maximum loads from 100 to 300 mN. Distinct pop-ins were observed for loads greater than 150 mN. However, no pop-out was observed for the loads studied. The top surface of the indents showed annular cracks with associated fragmented material. The cross sections showed up to 20% localized reduction in thickness of the DLC coating beneath the indenter tip. Cracking, {111} slip, stacking faults, and localized phase transformations were observed in the silicon substrate. The discontinuities in the load–displacement curves at low loads are attributed to plastic deformation of the silicon substrate, whereas at higher loads they are attributed to plastic deformation as well as phase transformation.


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Berkovich indentation of diamondlike carbon coatings on silicon substrates

  • Ayesha J. Haq (a1), P.R. Munroe (a1), M. Hoffman (a1), P.J. Martin (a2) and A. Bendavid (a2)...


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