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Atomic and molecular emission following fracture of alkali halides: A dislocation driven process

  • J.T. Dickinson (a1), L.C. Jensen (a1), S.C. Langford (a1) and J.P. Hirth (a1)


During and following fracture of a number of materials, the emission of photons, electrons, ± ions, and neutral species are observed; these emissions are collectively known as fracto-emission. In this work, we present measurements of the neutral particle emission following fracture of two single crystal fcc alkali halides: NaCl and LiF. We observe no measurable emission attributable to release during the fracture event itself. However, after relatively long time intervals of ∼0.5–250 ms, we observe rapid bursts of alkali atoms, as well as molecular species which include NaCl and (LiF)n where n = 1,2,3. Bursts of alkali containing species also occur during loading prior to fracture and for unloaded specimens during heat treatment. We argue that these bursts are due to energetic emergence (“popout”) of dislocations at free surfaces.



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Atomic and molecular emission following fracture of alkali halides: A dislocation driven process

  • J.T. Dickinson (a1), L.C. Jensen (a1), S.C. Langford (a1) and J.P. Hirth (a1)


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