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Anisotropic fatigue behavior of rolled Mg–3Al–1Zn alloy

  • Seong-Gu Hong (a1), Sung Hyuk Park (a2), Yong-Hak Huh (a1) and Chong Soo Lee (a2)


The anisotropy in the fatigue behavior of rolled Mg–3Al–1Zn alloy between the rolling direction and normal direction to the rolling plane was investigated. The {10-12} twinning–detwinning characteristics were found to play key roles in the anisotropic fatigue deformation behavior by inducing a change in the predominant plastic deformation mechanism, which controlled the flow stress and finally influenced the fatigue resistance by generating mean stress. Energy-based approach was successfully used to describe anisotropic fatigue life behavior.


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Anisotropic fatigue behavior of rolled Mg–3Al–1Zn alloy

  • Seong-Gu Hong (a1), Sung Hyuk Park (a2), Yong-Hak Huh (a1) and Chong Soo Lee (a2)


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