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Anisotropic atomic structure in a homogeneously deformed metallic glass

  • M.J. Kramer (a1), R.T. Ott (a2) and D.J. Sordelet (a2)


The anisotropic atomic structure in a Zr41.2Ti13.8Cu12.5Ni10Be22.5 metallic glass strained during uniaxial tensile creep at 598 K was studied at room temperature using high-energy x-ray diffraction. Changes in the atomic structure were examined by comparing the total scattering function [S(Q)] and the reduced pair distribution function [G(r)] of the creep to that of a companion specimen subjected to the same heat treatment only. Two-dimensional maps of the ΔS(Q) and its Fourier transformation demonstrate the distribution in the bond orientation anisotropy increases with increasing total strain. A fit of the reduced pair distribution function using a simplified two-component model suggests that the bond length changes in the deformed creep samples are not uniform.


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Anisotropic atomic structure in a homogeneously deformed metallic glass

  • M.J. Kramer (a1), R.T. Ott (a2) and D.J. Sordelet (a2)


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