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An investigation of the Al86Mn14 alloy and its quasicrystalline phases

  • J. G. Pérez-Ramirez (a1), R. Pérez (a1), A. Gómez (a1), L. Cota-Araiza (a1), L. Martinez (a1), R. Herrera (a1) and M. José-Yacamán (a1)...


A study of the phases obtained in an aluminum manganese (Al86Mn14) alloy prepared under relatively slow solidification rates is presented. The identification of the phases presented in the alloy has been carried put using different techniques. Two of the phases were found to be crystalline in nature (Al, Al6Mn), two were amorphous (Al2O3, AlMn–O), and one of them was quasicrystalline (T phase). In the case of the quasicrystalline T phase an investigation on its structural characteristics was carried out, and a possible model for its structure is suggested, based on high-resolution images under fivefold diffraction conditions.



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