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Aging behavior of the extruded SiCp-reinforced AZ91 Mg alloy composite

  • Hai Chang (a1), Xiaoshi Hu (a2), Xiaojun Wang (a2), Junfeng Du (a2) and Libo Tong (a3)...


The effect of SiCp on the aging behavior of the extruded SiCp/AZ91 composite fabricated by stir casting was investigated in detail. The necklace-type distribution of the particles in the cast SiCp/AZ91 composite was destroyed, and the extrusion bands consisting of SiCp and small dynamic recrystallized grains formed aligning along the extrusion direction. Addition of SiCp could accelerate the aging kinetics of the AZ91 matrix because of the overlapped particle plastic zone. The improved particle distribution and refined grains caused by the recrystallization could affect the aging behavior of the SiCp/AZ91 composite. The Mg17A112 discontinuous precipitates preferred to nucleate at the SiC/Mg interfaces and the grain boundaries within the extrusion bands and then expanded into the particle-free region. Moreover, the promoted discontinuous precipitates would suppress the continuous intragranular precipitates with respect to the unreinforced AZ91 alloy.


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Aging behavior of the extruded SiCp-reinforced AZ91 Mg alloy composite

  • Hai Chang (a1), Xiaoshi Hu (a2), Xiaojun Wang (a2), Junfeng Du (a2) and Libo Tong (a3)...


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