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Aerosol synthesis of phase pure iodine/iodic biocide microparticles

  • Tao Wu (a1), Andrew SyBing (a1), Xizheng Wang (a1) and Michael R. Zachariah (a1)


High iodine containing oxides are of interest as biocidal components in energetic applications requiring fast exothermic reactions with metallic fuels. Aerosol techniques offer a convenient route and potentially direct route for preparation of small particles with high purity, and are a method proven to be amenable and economical to scale-up. Here, we demonstrate the synthesis of various iodine oxide/iodic acid microparticles by a direct one-step aerosol method from iodic acid. By varying temperature and humidity, we produced near phase pure δ-HIO3, HI3O8, and I2O5 as determined by X-ray diffraction. δ-HIO3, a previously unknown phase, was confirmed in this work. In addition, scanning electron microscopy was used to examine the morphology and size of those prepared iodine oxide/iodic acid particles and the results show that all particles have an irregularly spherical shape. Thermogravimetric/differential scanning calorimetry measurement results show that HIO3 dehydrates endothermically to HI3O8, and then to I2O. I2O5 decomposes to I2 and O2.


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Contributing Editor: Gary L. Messing



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Aerosol synthesis of phase pure iodine/iodic biocide microparticles

  • Tao Wu (a1), Andrew SyBing (a1), Xizheng Wang (a1) and Michael R. Zachariah (a1)


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