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Acoustic wave stimulation of low temperature ceramic reactions: The system Al2O3−P2O5−H2O

  • Rustum Roy (a1), Dinesh K. Agrawal (a1) and V. Srikanth (a1)


Acoustic energy has been primarily used in materials research to disaggregate solids and/or disperse them in fluids. It has also been used in a few studies to influence or cause new reactions in organic and organometallic systems. However, the potential of acoustic energy in the area of inorganic reactions and materials science has been virtually unexploited. We report herein new effects of acoustic waves in catalyzing reactions in the systems Al2O3 + H2O and Al2O3 + P2O5 + H2O. In this study the effect of different alumina precursors and their particle size on their reactivity with water and H3PO4 was investigated when exposed to 20 kHz waves.



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Acoustic wave stimulation of low temperature ceramic reactions: The system Al2O3−P2O5−H2O

  • Rustum Roy (a1), Dinesh K. Agrawal (a1) and V. Srikanth (a1)


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