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13C NMR investigation of CVD diamond: Correlation of NMR and Raman spectral linewidths

  • Lawrence H. Merwin (a1), Curtis E. Johnson (a1) and Wayne A. Weimer (a1)


Six CVD diamond thin films were examined by magic angle spinning (MAS) 13C nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR), Raman, and electron spin resonance spectroscopy. The use of film samples cut to the diameter of the magic-angle spinning rotor provided ease of spinning and the opportunity to obtain good signal-to-noise spectra in 4 to 16 h. MAS NMR linewidths exhibit a linear correlation with Raman linewidths and reflect the optical quality of the material. Residual MAS NMR linewidths most likely arise from a combination of crystal defect sites and paramagnetic effects.



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13C NMR investigation of CVD diamond: Correlation of NMR and Raman spectral linewidths

  • Lawrence H. Merwin (a1), Curtis E. Johnson (a1) and Wayne A. Weimer (a1)


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