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Vile bodies: an endoscopic approach to nasal myiasis

  • Lydia Badia (a1) and Valerie J. Lund (a1)


Nasal myiasis is the infestation of the nasal cavities by larvae (maggots) of Diptera flies. Several species of flies deposit their ova in the nose and the larvae feed on the host's tissues. We present a case of nasal myiasis by larvae of Oestrus ovis – Sheep Nasal Bot Fly. The larvae of Oestrus ovis are well known parasites in the nasal cavities and paranasal sinuses of sheep and goat. In Britain very rarely larvae may be deposited in the eye, nostrils or outer ear of man, usually husbandry workers. Reputedly, the larvae never survive beyond the first stage with acute catarrhal symptoms lasting only a few days.

This is the first reported case in the UK of an urban-dwelling patient infected by mature, third instar larvae of O. ovis. His nasal infestation resolved after endoscopic removal of the live maggots.


Corresponding author

Miss V. J. Lund, Reader in Rhinology and Honorary Consultant ENT Surgeon, The Professorial Unit, The Royal National Throat, Nose and Ear Hospital, 330 Gray's Inn Road, London WC1X 8DA.


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Vile bodies: an endoscopic approach to nasal myiasis

  • Lydia Badia (a1) and Valerie J. Lund (a1)


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