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Vestibular dysfunction in patients with post-mumps sensorineural hearing loss

  • M M El-Badry (a1), A Abousetta (a2) and R M A Kader (a1)



To study the possible damage to the vestibular system in patients with post-mumps sensorineural hearing loss.


Nineteen patients with recent mumps infection participated in the study. All patients had unilateral profound sensorineural hearing loss or total hearing loss. Patients were subjected to video-nystagmography and vestibular-evoked myogenic potential testing.


Eight patients (42.1 per cent) had normal video-nystagmography results and intact vestibular-evoked myogenic potentials on both sides, whereas the other 11 patients (57.9 per cent) had vestibular lesions in the form of marked canal weakness and absent vestibular-evoked myogenic potential responses on the same side as hearing loss. The overall findings indicated a peripheral site for the lesions.


The majority of patients with post-mumps sensorineural hearing loss had peripheral vestibular pathology in the same ear as hearing loss. Further research should be directed to saving the inner ear following mumps infection.


Corresponding author

Address for correspondence: Dr M M El-Badry, Audiology Unit, Otolaryngology Department, Minia University Hospital, Minia, Egypt E-mail:


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Vestibular dysfunction in patients with post-mumps sensorineural hearing loss

  • M M El-Badry (a1), A Abousetta (a2) and R M A Kader (a1)


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