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The use of Acyclovir in Ramsay Hunt Syndrome

  • F. W. Stafford (a1) and A. R. Welch (a1)


Acyclovir is a specific anti-viral agent which has been used in the treatment of the Ramsay Hunt Syndrome with encouraging results. To our knowledge, no previous study has been published utilizing this treatment. A discussion is also undertaken of the underlying pathology and prognosis of the Ramsay Hunt Syndrome, with a summary of those cases in which Acyclovir was prescribed.


Corresponding author

Andrew Welch, F.R.C.S., Royal Victoria Infirmary, Queen Victoria Road, Newcastle upon Tyne. NE1 4LP.


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The use of Acyclovir in Ramsay Hunt Syndrome

  • F. W. Stafford (a1) and A. R. Welch (a1)


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