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Ultrasound-guided cutting-needle biopsy of the parotid gland

  • J. R. Buckland (a1), G. Manjaly (a1), N. Violaris (a1) and D. C. Howlett (a2)


We describe the technique of ultrasound-guided 18 gauge (1.2 mm) needle biopsy in 16 patients with parotid gland lesions. This provides material suitable for histological analysis and can be performed quickly and safely under local anaesthesia. Thirteen of the patients had non-diagnostic blind fine-needle aspiration cytology (FNAC) with a 21 gauge (0.8 mm) needle prior to biopsy. Initial ultrasound was found to be superior to clinical examination in 31 per cent of cases. The ultrasound-guided technique provided a diagnostic specimen in 100 per cent of patients and was helpful where FNAC had been inconclusive. There was a diagnostic accuracy of 100 per cent in the patients who underwent subsequent surgery. This method should be considered when FNAC is non-diagnostic and surgical treatment is being considered. It is particularly useful in patients with diffuse enlargement of the gland and does provide a core of material for accurate assessment of tissue architecture. In this series, nine patients avoided unnecessary surgery.


Corresponding author

Address for correspondence: Dr D. C. Howlett, Consultant Radiologist, Eastbourne District General Hospital, Kings Drive, Eastbourne, East Sussex BN21 2UD.


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Ultrasound-guided cutting-needle biopsy of the parotid gland

  • J. R. Buckland (a1), G. Manjaly (a1), N. Violaris (a1) and D. C. Howlett (a2)


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