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True aneurysm of the facial artery

  • J Barraclough (a1), H Uppal (a1), S Silverman (a2), C Helpert (a3) and J O'Connell (a1)...


We present a case of true facial artery aneurysm with no associated risk factors, which was non-pulsatile on presentation. This case is unique as the lesion was identified using computed tomography scanning, due to the unusual presentation. The vast majority of aneurysms of the head and neck have a traumatic aetiology, giving rise to false aneurysms; true aneurysms are extremely rare. We discuss the implications of such a lesion and its management.


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Address for correspondence: Mr James Barraclough, Birmingham Children's Hospital, Steelhouse Lane, Birmingham B4 6NH, UK. Fax: +441215074557 E-mail:


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True aneurysm of the facial artery

  • J Barraclough (a1), H Uppal (a1), S Silverman (a2), C Helpert (a3) and J O'Connell (a1)...


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