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A technique of tongue reconstruction following near-total glossectomy

  • Malcolm S. Robertson (a1), Jeffrey M. Robinson (a2) and Ruth M. Horsfall (a3)


Total glossectomy is the most crippling of all oral cavity resections. Speech problems are unavoidable and post-operative aspiration is often severe. Two patients are presented who have had tongue reconstructions following near-total glossectomies. In each case a quilted, split-skin grafted pectoralis major muscle flap was used. The speech and swallowing results of these two patients are compared with two patients who underwent a hemiglossectomy and total glossectomy respectively without tongue reconstruction. Only if the suprahyoid and extrinsic tongue muscles are preserved can an active oral phase of swallowing and usable speech be regained by tongue reconstruction.


Corresponding author

Harley’, 137 Cambridge Terrace, Christchurch, 1, New Zealand.


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