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Surgical treatment of laryngomalacia

  • Piyush Jani (a1), Peter Koltai (a1), James W. Ochi (a1) and C. Martin Bailey (a1)


Laryngomalacia is the commonest cause of congenital stridor. The majority of cases are mild and do not require surgical intervention. However in approximately 10 per cent of these infants the condition is life-threatening. The standard treatment for these patients has been to perform a tracheostomy. Recent reports have shown encouraging results following endoscopic surgery to the supraglottic structures. We report a series of twelve patients in whom a tracheostomy was avoided by performing an aryepiglottic fold trim—‘aryepiglottoplasty’. Dramatic improvements were seen in the respiratory obstruction and failure to thrive following surgery.


Corresponding author

Mr C. M. Bailey, ENT Department, Hospital for Sick Children, Great Ormond Street, London WC1N 3JH.


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Surgical treatment of laryngomalacia

  • Piyush Jani (a1), Peter Koltai (a1), James W. Ochi (a1) and C. Martin Bailey (a1)


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