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Surgical management of paediatric chronic rhinosinusitis: review of 10 years' experience

  • M Barakate (a1) and T Havas (a2)



To assess the outcome of children with chronic rhinosinusitis who were managed surgically, over a 10-year study period.


From January 1999 to December 2008 inclusive, 136 children diagnosed with chronic rhinosinusitis underwent surgery following unsuccessful medical treatment. The operations ranged from adenoidectomy to functional endoscopic sinus surgery.


The surgical procedures performed were: adenoidectomy (n = 69), antral washouts (n = 54), middle meatal antrostomy (n = 82), endoscopic ethmoidectomy (n = 66), nasal septal reconstruction (n = 10), and inferior turbinate outfracture (n = 23) or inferior turbinate reductions (n = 55). Follow-up duration ranged from 6 months to 9 years (average 3.2 years). Three patients required revision surgery: adenoidectomy in two patients and adenoidectomy with turbinate reductions in another.


This study demonstrates the benefits of focused surgical treatment for paediatric chronic rhinosinusitis. Surgical treatment can be an appropriate and effective option for children with chronic rhinosinusitis when medical management is unsuccessful.


Corresponding author

Address for correspondence: Associate Prof M Barakate, PO Box 628, Randwick, NSW 2031, Australia Fax: +61 2 8090 3734 E-mail:


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Surgical management of paediatric chronic rhinosinusitis: review of 10 years' experience

  • M Barakate (a1) and T Havas (a2)


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