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Submucosal glands after maxillary sinus surgery. An experimental study in rabbits

  • Pablo J. Melgarejo-Moreno (a1), Inmaculada Ribera-Cortada (a2) and Diego Hellin-Meseguer (a3)


Thirty New Zealand White rabbits underwent unilateral partial or complete removal of maxillary sinus mucosa in order to evaluate submucosal maxillary sinus glands. After three months, specimens were taken for examination from all operated on and control sinuses. Bacteriological cultures, light and electron microscopy were performed. Histopathological findings showed a decrease in the number of serous glands and significant inflammation was present in the sinus in which there was complete surgical removal. Electron microscopy revealed changes in the secretory cells of the serous glands in the regenerated postsurgical mucosa.


Corresponding author

Address for correspondence: Dr Pablo Melgarejo-Moreno, Avda. Juan Jose Marco Banegas, 2, 30600 Archena-Murcia, Spain.


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