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Risk of bleeding after thyroid surgery: matched pairs analysis

  • R P Morton (a1), V Mak (a1), D Moss (a2), Z Ahmad (a1) and J Sevao (a1)...



To identify those patients most at risk of developing a compressive post-operative haematoma following thyroid surgery.


Retrospective analysis of patients undergoing thyroid surgery. Factors associated with the group of patients who developed a post-operative haematoma were examined using a matched pairs, case–control design.


Following 355 thyroid operations, seven patients developed a post-operative haematoma requiring return to the operating theatre for bleeding control. A post-operative systolic blood pressure of greater than 150 mmHg, in the post-anaesthetic care unit, was the major significant factor identified by regression analysis (p = 0.002). Current smoking status was also a significant factor (p = 0.04).


In our facility, a post-anaesthetic systolic blood pressure in excess of 150 mmHg was associated with an increased risk of haemorrhage following thyroid surgery.


Corresponding author

Address for correspondence: Dr Randall P Morton, PO Box 98743, South Auckland Mail Centre, Auckland, New Zealand E-mail:


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Risk of bleeding after thyroid surgery: matched pairs analysis

  • R P Morton (a1), V Mak (a1), D Moss (a2), Z Ahmad (a1) and J Sevao (a1)...


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