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Risk factors for post-thyroidectomy haematoma

  • M Perera (a1), L Anabell (a1), D Page (a1), T Harding (a1), N Gnaneswaran (a1) and S Chan (a1) (a2)...



There has been increasing emphasis on performing ‘same-day’ or ‘out-patient’ thyroidectomy to reduce associated costs. However, acceptance has been limited by the risk of potentially life-threatening post-operative bleeding. This study aimed to review current rates of post-operative bleeding in a metropolitan teaching hospital and identify risk factors.


Medical records of patients undergoing thyroidectomy between January 2007 and March 2012 were reviewed retrospectively. Pre-operative, operative and pathological data, and post-operative complication data, were examined.


The study comprised 205 thyroidectomy cases. Mean age was 51.6 years (standard deviation = 14.74), with 80 per cent females. Unilateral thyroidectomy was performed in 81 cases (39.5 per cent) and total thyroidectomy was performed in 74 cases (36.1 per cent; 5.3 per cent with concomitant lymph node dissection). Nine patients (4.4 per cent) suffered post-operative bleeding, of which six required re-operation. Analysis showed that post-operative systolic blood pressure of 180 mmHg or greater was associated with post-operative bleeding (p = 0.003, chi-square test).


Rates of significant post-operative bleeding are consistent with recent literature. Post-operative hypertension, diabetes and high post-operative drain output were identified as independent risk factors on multivariate analysis; when identified, these may be caveats to same-day discharge of thyroidectomy patients.


Corresponding author

Address for correspondence: Dr Marlon Perera, Department of Surgery, Western Health, Footscray, Victoria, Australia E-mail:


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Risk factors for post-thyroidectomy haematoma

  • M Perera (a1), L Anabell (a1), D Page (a1), T Harding (a1), N Gnaneswaran (a1) and S Chan (a1) (a2)...


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