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Rhinocerebral mucormycosis: experience in 14 patients

  • İ Ketenci (a1), Y Ünlü (a1), H Kaya (a1), M A Somdaş (a1), O Kontaş (a2), M Öztürk (a3) and A Vural (a1)...



Mucormycosis is an opportunist, often lethal fungal infection which occurs in immunocompromised patients. We present our experience in 14 patients with this condition.

Patients and methods:

A retrospective chart review was conducted for 14 patients treated for rhinocerebral mucormycosis.


Nine patients had diabetes mellitus and six had a haematological malignancy. Nine patients had cutaneous and/or palatal necrosis. Eleven patients were treated with amphotericin B and five with liposomal amphotericin B. Endoscopic sinus surgery was performed in five patients with disease limited to the sinonasal cavity; nine patients underwent more extensive surgery. Five patients with disease limited to the sinonasal cavity survived, while nine patients with widely disseminated disease died. Five of the nine diabetic patients died, as did five of the six patients with haematological malignancy.


Patients with rhinocerebral mucormycosis spreading outside the sinonasal cavity have a poor prognosis.


Corresponding author

Address for correspondence: Dr İbrahim Ketenci, Alpaslan Mah Bahar Cad, Şişli Sitesi A Blok 20/26, 38040 Kayseri, Turkey Fax: +90 352 4379164 E-mail:


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