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Punctate diathermy of the soft palate: a new approach in the surgical management of snoring

  • David J. Whinney (a1), Peter A. Williamson (a1) and Philip G. Bicknell (a1)


We present our experience in the surgical management of 21 snorers, utilizing a new approach designed to stiffen the palatal musculature, without compromising its function. This was achieved by using a punctate patterna of intrapalatal diathermy to achieve fibrosis within the palate and hence the requisite stiffening. The initial results of this procedure are encouraging showing a subjective improvement in snoring in 85.7 per cent of patients and an increase in sleeping in the same room as their partner every night, from 14.3 per cent pre-operatively to 57.1 per cent post-operatively.


Corresponding author

Mr P. A. Williamson, Department of Otolaryngology, Royal United Hospital, Combe Park, Bath, Avon.


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Punctate diathermy of the soft palate: a new approach in the surgical management of snoring

  • David J. Whinney (a1), Peter A. Williamson (a1) and Philip G. Bicknell (a1)


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