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Primary mycobacterial infection of the uvula

  • A. Murray (a1), D. S. Gardiner (a2) and R. J. McGuiness (a1)


Tuberculosis, and non-tuberculous mycobacterial infections are becoming more common thus it is more likely that otolaryngologists will encounter these conditions. We describe an otherwise well patient, with symptoms and signs from chronic uvular inflammation, who proved to have a primary mycobacterial infection. This is an unique presentation in the literature and reminds clinicians of the need, where uncertainty exists in diagnosis, to consider mycobacterial infections.


Corresponding author

Address for correspondence: Mr A. Murray, Department of Otolaryngology, Glasgow Royal Infirmary, 80 Castle Street, Glasgow G4.


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Primary mycobacterial infection of the uvula

  • A. Murray (a1), D. S. Gardiner (a2) and R. J. McGuiness (a1)


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