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Parapharyngeal neurofibromas

  • D. A. Tandon (a1), S. Bahadur (a1), N. K. Misra (a1), R. C. Deka (a1) and K. Kapila (a1)...


This paper is a retrospective study of 15 patients with parapharyngeal neurofibromas operated over a six year period. No patient presented with a neurological deficit. CT scans revealed a well encapsulated moderately enhancing mass in ten cases. The tumour was removed by a transcervical approach in ten cases while in five a cervical-transpharyngeal route with mandibulotomy was used; in three of the latter group the tumour was retropharyngeal. In two cases a recurrence was successfully excised. It was realized that a mandibulotomy was required when the internal carotid was displaced medially, or if the tumour extended to the base of skull or when its vertical diameter exceeded 8 cm.


Corresponding author

Dr D. A. Tandon. Assistant Professor, Department of Otorhinolaryngology, All India Institute of Medical Sciences. New Delhi 110029, India.


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Parapharyngeal neurofibromas

  • D. A. Tandon (a1), S. Bahadur (a1), N. K. Misra (a1), R. C. Deka (a1) and K. Kapila (a1)...


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