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Palatal myoclonus affected by neck position

  • A. Tomkinson (a1), C. Craven (a1) and M. J. K. M. Brown (a1)


Palatal myoclonus is defined as a continuous, rhythmic contraction of the palatal musculature. Reverberant neuronal activity in a region of the brain stem known as the Guillain-Mollaret triangle is believed to underlie this condition.

We present a case of palatal myoclonus which could be abolished, by anterior neck flexion. The pathology and management of this condition is briefly discussed.


Corresponding author

Address for correspondence: Mr A. Tomkinson, F.R.C.S., Royal Gwent Hospital, Cardiff Road, Newport, Gwent.


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Palatal myoclonus affected by neck position

  • A. Tomkinson (a1), C. Craven (a1) and M. J. K. M. Brown (a1)


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