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Outcome and cost analysis of bilateral sequential same-day cartilage tympanoplasty compared with bilateral staged tympanoplasty

  • AD Olusesi (a1) and O Oyeniran (a1)



Few studies have compared bilateral same-day with staged tympanoplasty using cartilage graft materials.


A prospective randomised observational study was performed of 38 chronic suppurative otitis media patients (76 ears) who were assigned to undergo bilateral sequential same-day tympanoplasty (18 patients, 36 ears) or bilateral sequential tympanoplasty performed 3 months apart (20 patients, 40 ears). Disease duration, intra-operative findings, combined duration of surgery, post-operative graft appearance at 6 weeks, post-operative complications, re-do rate and relative cost of surgery were recorded.


Tympanic membrane perforations were predominantly subtotal (p = 0.36, odds ratio = 0.75). Most grafts were harvested from the conchal cartilage and fewer from the tragus (p = 0.59, odds ratio = 1.016). Types of complication, post-operative hearing gain and revision rates were similar in both patient groups.


Surgical outcomes are not significantly different for same-day and bilateral cartilage tympanoplasty, but same-day surgery has the added benefit of a lower cost.


Corresponding author

Address for correspondence: Dr A D Olusesi, ENT Department, National Hospital Abuja, Plot 132, Central Area, Off Constitution Avenue, Garki Phase 2, FCT 900001, Abuja, Nigeria E-mail:


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