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Otitis media with effusion as a presenting symptom of chronic sinusitis

  • Y. Finkelstein (a1), Y. P. Talmi (a1), Y. Rubel (a1), J. Bar-Ziv (a2) and Y. Zohar (a1)...


Otitis media with effusion was the presenting symptom in 23 per cent of patients suffering from chronic sinusitis. The inter-relationship between chronic sinusitis and otitis media with effusion was studied in 29 patients. Endoscopic evaluation of intranasal structures including sinus ostia and Eustachian tube orifices was carried out. We further suggest that otitis with media with effusion is not a separate entity but a presentation of sinus disease, predominantly of the ethmoid system. Patients with otitis media with effusion should be evaluated for sinusitis and vice versa. The value of careful nasendoscopy is demonstrated.


Corresponding author

Dr Y. Finkelstein, Department of Otolaryngology, Hasharon Hospital, Golda Medical Center, Petah-Tiqva 49372, P.O.B. 121, Israel


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Otitis media with effusion as a presenting symptom of chronic sinusitis

  • Y. Finkelstein (a1), Y. P. Talmi (a1), Y. Rubel (a1), J. Bar-Ziv (a2) and Y. Zohar (a1)...


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