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Oesophageal foreign body and a double aortic arch: rare dual pathology

  • T E O'Connor (a1) and T Cooney (a1)



We report the rare case of an oesophageal foreign body which lodged above the site of oesophageal compression by a double aortic arch.


Case report and a review of the literature surrounding the classification, embryology, diagnosis and management of vascular rings and slings.


An eight-month-old male infant presented with symptoms of tracheal compression following ingestion of an oesophageal foreign body. Following removal of the oesophageal foreign body, the infant's symptoms improved initially. However, subsequent recurrence of respiratory symptoms lead to a repeat bronchoscopy and the diagnosis of a coexisting double aortic arch, causing tracheal and oesophageal compression.


To our knowledge, this is only the second reported case of a double aortic arch being diagnosed in a patient following removal of an oesophageal foreign body.


Corresponding author

Address for correspondence: Mr Tony O'Connor, Unit 2, 122 Marine Parade, Cottesloe, Perth, Western Australia 6011. Fax: +61 893408693 E-mail:


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Oesophageal foreign body and a double aortic arch: rare dual pathology

  • T E O'Connor (a1) and T Cooney (a1)


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