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Novel method of intralesional cidofovir injection into laryngotracheal papillomata

  • R S Sahota (a1), F J Uddin (a1), J AL-Shukri (a1) and A A Moir (a1)


Laryngeal papillomatosis is characterised by multiple papillomata affecting the upper respiratory tract. This condition is difficult to treat due to its recurrent nature. Treatment often involves surgical debulking. A number of non-surgical treatments have been reported. Intralesional cidofovir, a cytosine nucleoside analogue with antiviral activity, has been used in an attempt to manage the condition. We present a novel technique of administering cidofovir in a case of recurrent laryngotracheal papillomata.


Corresponding author

Address for correspondence: Mr R S Sahota, Department of Otorhinolaryngology, Leicester Royal Infirmary, Leicester LE1 5WW, UK E-mail:


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Novel method of intralesional cidofovir injection into laryngotracheal papillomata

  • R S Sahota (a1), F J Uddin (a1), J AL-Shukri (a1) and A A Moir (a1)


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