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Nerve-sparing subcapsular resection of head and neck schwannomas: technique evaluation and literature review

  • A J Battoo (a1), Z A Sheikh (a2), K Thankappan (a1), W Hicks (a3), S Iyer (a4) and M A Kuriakose (a5)...



The head and neck region harbours crucial structures and hence the surgical technique used to remove schwannomas from this region should cause minimal damage to these structures, with complete removal of pathology.


This study entailed a retrospective analysis of 10 patients with head and neck schwannomas that were excised using a nerve-sparing subcapsular dissection technique. The primary aims were to assess the functional impact of the surgical technique on the structure of origin and to evaluate local control.


One patient with parapharyngeal schwannoma developed symptoms suggestive of ‘first bite syndrome’ in the late post-operative period. Another patient with facial nerve schwannoma had House–Brackmann grade II weakness in the immediate post-operative period, which subsequently resolved. None of the patients developed recurrence during a median follow-up period of two years.


The nerve-sparing subcapsular dissection technique provided effective local control of tumour pathology, with relative preservation of neural function post-operatively.


Corresponding author

Address for correspondence: Dr M A Kuriakose, Department of Head and Neck Oncology, Mazumdar Shaw Cancer Centre, Bommasandara, Bangalore-560099, Karnataka, India Fax: 091-80-2832648 E-mail:


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