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Nasal polyposis in patients with asthma and allergic rhinitis

  • A Ahmadiafshar (a1) (a2), H R Farjd (a1), F Moezzi (a1) and N Mousavinasab (a2) (a3)



This study aimed to determine the prevalence of nasal polyps in patients with allergic rhinitis and with asthma, and also to assess the impact of this condition on these disorders.

Study design:

Cross-sectional study.


The presence of nasal polyps was assessed by rhinoscopy and endoscopic examination.


Nasal polyps were detected in 60 out of 250 patients (24 per cent) with documented asthma or allergic rhinitis. There was a statistically significant correlation between asthma severity and nasal polyposis prevalence (p = 0.007), but not between allergic rhinitis severity and nasal polyposis prevalence (p = 0.081). The prevalence of nasal polyps increased significantly with increasing patient age and rhinitis or asthma duration.


The prevalence of nasal polyps in patients with allergic rhinitis or asthma was higher than previously reported. Given this high prevalence of nasal polyposis, nasal examination and concomitant treatment of this disorder are recommended.


Corresponding author

Address for correspondence: Dr Akefeh Ahmadiafshar, Associate Professor of Pediatrics, Sub-specialist in Immunology and Allergy, Mousavi Hospital, Zanjan University of Medical Sciences, Zanjan, Iran Fax: +98 241 4131340 E-mail:


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Nasal polyposis in patients with asthma and allergic rhinitis

  • A Ahmadiafshar (a1) (a2), H R Farjd (a1), F Moezzi (a1) and N Mousavinasab (a2) (a3)


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