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Low velocity gunshot injuries to the temporal bone

  • Steven L. Sabin (a1), Dennis Lee (a1) and Gady Har-El (a1)



To review the presentation, symptoms and management associated with low velocity gunshot injuries to the temporal bone.


A retrospective analysis of 26 patients treated for low velocity gunshot injuries to the temporal bone.


Initial presentation included otorrhoea (69 per cent), facial nerve injury (27 per cent), hearing loss (65 per cent), intracranial injuries (50 per cent), and cranial neuropathies (58 per cent). Nine patients (35 per cent) underwent angiography, which showed vascular injury in five of them. Four patients died.


Low velocity gunshot injuries can be devastating and may result in functional sequelae. Low velocity missiles crush and lacerate surrounding structures, while high velocity missiles cause extensive wound cavity formation. Early aggressive management for intracranial, vascular and facial nerve injury can improve outcome.


Corresponding author

Address for correrspondence: Steven L. Sabin, M.D., Otolaryngology Associates of Central New Jersey, B-3 Cornwall Drive, East Brunswick, N.J. 08816, U.S.A..


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Presented at the Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery, Washington, D.C., September 1996.



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Low velocity gunshot injuries to the temporal bone

  • Steven L. Sabin (a1), Dennis Lee (a1) and Gady Har-El (a1)


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