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Laryngeal amyloidosis with laryngocele

  • Ömer Aydin (a1), Emre Üstündaǧ (a1), Mete İşeri (a1), Haluk Özkarakaş (a1) and Ali Oǧuz (a1)...


Both laryngocele and laryngeal amyloidosis are uncommon, and simultaneous occurrences of these entities are extremely rare. A case of laryngeal amyloidosis with laryngocele in which the computed tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance (MR) imaging of the larynx, clearly demonstrating both disease processes, is discussed. Diagnosis is confirmed by histopathologic specimens. Only two cases have been reported in the world literature, and this is the third case of laryngeal amyloidosis associated with laryngocele.


Corresponding author

Address for correspondence: Ömer Aydin, M.D., Kocaeli University School of Medicine, Department of Otolaryngology, 41900 Derince, İzmit, Turkey. Fax: 90 262 239 52 13 e-mail:


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