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Internal jugular vein thrombosis secondary to a permanent cardiac pacemaker: an unusual case of lateral neck swelling

  • C S Arhi (a1), M A Buchanan (a1), S A Allen (a2) and J Pickles (a1)



To describe an unusual case of lateral neck swelling in a patient with a permanent cardiac pacemaker.

Case report:

We describe a patient who presented with a painful, lateral neck swelling due to an internal jugular vein thrombus. This thrombus originated from around pacemaker wires in the subclavian vein. This case is unusual, as the vast majority of thromboses in patients with cardiac pacemakers are found in the subclavian vein alone. We also review the literature on the relationship between cardiac pacemakers and internal jugular vein thrombosis, and on the management of the latter.


Our patient illustrates a rare cause of a painful, lateral neck swelling: an internal jugular vein thrombus secondary to a cardiac pacemaker. Clinicians should be wary of such pathology in similar patients, in order to ensure early treatment and avoidance of complications.


Corresponding author

Address for correspondence: Mr John Pickles, ENT Department, Luton and Dunstable Hospital Foundation Trust, Lewsey Road, Luton LU4 0DZ, UK. Fax: 01582497277 E-mail:


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Internal jugular vein thrombosis secondary to a permanent cardiac pacemaker: an unusual case of lateral neck swelling

  • C S Arhi (a1), M A Buchanan (a1), S A Allen (a2) and J Pickles (a1)


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