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Inhibition of head and neck metastatic and/or recurrent cancer by local administration of multi-cytokine inducer OK-432

  • Satoshi Kitahara (a1), Makoto Ikeda (a1), Tetsuzo Inouye (a1), Takeshi Matsunaga (a1), Kengo Yamaguchi (a1), Etsuyo Takayama (a1), Gerald B. Healy (a2) and Mamoru Tsukuda (a3)...


The multi-cytokine inducer OK-432 is a pulverized preparation of the low-virulence SU strain of Streptococcus pyogenes of human origin. A reduction of the tumour mass in the OK-432-injected areas was observed in 11 out of 13 patients with metastatic and/or recurrent head and neck cancer. Complete response (CR), partial response (PR) and minor response (MR) were noted in six, three and two cases respectively. OK-432 local administration therapy could create a new strategy for cancer therapy.


Corresponding author

Address for correspondence: Dr Makoto Ikeda, M.D., Ph.D., Undersea Medical Centre, 2-7-1 Nagase, Yokosuka-city, Japan. Fax: Japan (81)-429955330


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Inhibition of head and neck metastatic and/or recurrent cancer by local administration of multi-cytokine inducer OK-432

  • Satoshi Kitahara (a1), Makoto Ikeda (a1), Tetsuzo Inouye (a1), Takeshi Matsunaga (a1), Kengo Yamaguchi (a1), Etsuyo Takayama (a1), Gerald B. Healy (a2) and Mamoru Tsukuda (a3)...


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