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High jugular bulb in a cohort of patients with definite Ménière's disease

  • R E Redfern (a1), M Brown (a1) and A G Benson (a2)



To determine the incidence of high jugular bulb in a group of patients with definite Ménière's disease, and to investigate whether the position or size of the jugular bulb is significantly different in the affected ear than in the unaffected ear.


Retrospective review of patient charts, audiograms, and computed tomography scans to determine the position and size of the jugular bulb in the affected and contralateral ears, as well as other abnormalities.


High jugular bulb was found in 57.1 per cent of affected ears. Encroachment of the cochlear and vestibular aqueducts was apparent in 39.3 per cent and 35.7 per cent, respectively, of affected ears. Diverticulum and dehiscence were observed in 28.6 per cent of affected ears. High jugular bulb was significantly associated with encroachment of the cochlear aqueduct (p = 0.003).


The mediolateral and anteroposterior position of the jugular bulb determines encroachment of the surrounding structures. An abnormal position is postulated to contribute to the development of Ménière's disease.


Corresponding author

Address for correspondence: Dr A Benson, Ohio Hearing and Balance Institute, Toledo Ear Nose and Throat, St. Luke's Hospital, 6005 Monclova Road, Maumee, OH 43537, USA Fax: +1 419 972–0016 E-mail:


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High jugular bulb in a cohort of patients with definite Ménière's disease

  • R E Redfern (a1), M Brown (a1) and A G Benson (a2)


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