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The frontal osteoplastic flap: does it still have a place in rhinological surgery?

  • A Y Isa (a1), J Mennie (a1) and G W McGarry (a1)



To review outcomes and complications in a series of adults undergoing a frontal osteoplastic flap procedure without obliteration, for endoscopically inaccessible sinus disease.

Material and method:

Retrospective case note review of patients treated at Glasgow Royal Infirmary between January 2004 and October 2008.


Ten patients were identified (age range 19–81 years, mean age 46.3 years). No major intra- or post-operative complications occurred. There were three minor complications: superficial discharging wound, forehead swelling and haematoma.


The frontal osteoplastic flap still has a role in frontal sinus surgery. With minor technical modifications, this procedure may be performed with minimal complication and morbidity for patients with endoscopically inaccessible frontal sinus disease.


Corresponding author

Address for correspondence: Miss Aidah Isa, Dept of ENT Head and Neck Surgery, Glasgow Royal Infirmary, 16 Alexandra Parade, Glasgow G31 2ER, Scotland, UK E-mail:


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Presented at the Scottish Otolaryngology Society Summer Meeting, 7–8th May 2008, Pitlochry, Scotland, UK



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The frontal osteoplastic flap: does it still have a place in rhinological surgery?

  • A Y Isa (a1), J Mennie (a1) and G W McGarry (a1)


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