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Foregut duplication cyst of the pharynx

  • L Fraser (a1), A G Howatson (a2) and F B MacGregor (a1)



Foregut duplication cysts are heterotrophic rests of foregut-derived epithelium which are usually found in the abdomen and thorax; rarely are they found in the head and neck.

Case report:

We describe the case of a pharyngeal foregut duplication cyst presenting with airway obstruction in a neonate. We also review the pathology, investigation and management of this rare condition.


The occurrence of a foregut duplication cyst in the head and neck region mandates vigilance with respect to the airway. Magnetic resonance imaging is a useful part of pre-operative evaluation but cannot be relied upon for definitive diagnosis. Although foregut duplication cysts are benign lesions, definitive cure ultimately requires surgical excision, and this is often the means by which a definitive diagnosis is made. The prognosis for these lesions is excellent, with no reports in the literature of recurrence following excision.


Corresponding author

Address for correspondence: Miss Lyndsay Fraser, Department of Otolaryngology Head & Neck Surgery, Royal Hospital for Sick Children, Dalnair Street, Glasgow G3 8SJ, Scotland, UK. Fax: (0141) 201 0865 E-mail:


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Foregut duplication cyst of the pharynx

  • L Fraser (a1), A G Howatson (a2) and F B MacGregor (a1)


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