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The false thyroid capsule: new findings

  • Y-H Tan (a1), G-N Du (a1), Y-G Xiao (a1), S-Q Guo (a1), T Wu (a2), P-Z Chen (a1), G-B Yan (a1), D-X Tan (a1) and K Wang (a1)...



The false thyroid capsule is an important anatomical structure involved in thyroidectomy, yet it is rarely studied. This study aimed to define the anatomy of the false thyroid capsule, and its clinical significance.


A prospective study was performed involving 151 patients with goitre who underwent thyroid lobectomy. The anatomy of the false thyroid capsule was carefully documented intra-operatively.


The false thyroid capsule enclosed the inferior and middle thyroid veins and the superior thyroid vessels, forming a mesentery-like structure by attaching to the gland. Once the unilateral lobe had been removed, the thyroid mesentery could be seen to have a C-shaped edge. The recurrent laryngeal nerve, inferior thyroid artery and parathyroid glands were located beneath the C-shaped edge of the thyroid mesentery.


The thyroid mesentery is a distinctive structure that can be used as a guide for surgical dissection.


Corresponding author

Address for correspondence: Dr Yu-Gen Xiao, Department of Thyroid and Breast Surgery, Affiliated Nanhai Hospital of Southern Medical University, 40 Fo Ping Rd, Foshan 528200, PR China E-mail:


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The false thyroid capsule: new findings

  • Y-H Tan (a1), G-N Du (a1), Y-G Xiao (a1), S-Q Guo (a1), T Wu (a2), P-Z Chen (a1), G-B Yan (a1), D-X Tan (a1) and K Wang (a1)...


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