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Extranotochordal chordoma presenting as multiple neck masses: report of a case

  • A. Thakar (a1), D. A. Tandon (a1), S. Bahadur (a1) and M. Vijayaraghavan (a2)


Chordomas are rare tumours which arise from notochordal remnants. A primary cervical chordoma of extranotochordal origin, sparing osseous structures, was excised by a bilateral neck dissection. The patient was disease-free two and a half years later.


Corresponding author

Dr. D. A. Tandon, Department of Otolaryngology, All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi – 110029, India.


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Extranotochordal chordoma presenting as multiple neck masses: report of a case

  • A. Thakar (a1), D. A. Tandon (a1), S. Bahadur (a1) and M. Vijayaraghavan (a2)


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