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Endoscopic resection of haemangiomas in the sinonasal cavity

  • C E Song (a1), J H Cho (a2), S Y Kim (a2), S W Kim (a2), B G Kim (a2) and J M Kang (a2)...



Haemangiomas do not develop as commonly in the sinonasal cavity, compared with other head and neck sites. The clinical characteristics of sinonasal cavity haemangiomas and the results for endoscopic resection have been addressed in the literature only briefly. Thus, this study aimed to evaluate these points.

Materials and methods:

A retrospective chart review was undertaken of 22 patients who had undergone endoscopic excision of sinonasal cavity haemangiomas, in order to define clinical characteristics and tumour control rates.

Results and analysis:

The most common presenting symptom was epistaxis. The most prevalent site was the inferior turbinate (45.5 per cent), followed by the maxillary sinus (18.2 per cent). No recurrence was observed in any patient.


Although past studies have described external approach sinonasal surgery as the mainstay of treatment, our results imply that endoscopic excision of sinonasal haemangiomas yields excellent outcomes in terms of tumour control and safety.


Corresponding author

Address for correspondence: Dr Jun Myung Kang, Holy Family Hospital, 2 Sosa-dong, Wonmi-gu, Buchon, Kyounggi-do, South Korea 420-717. Fax: 82 32 340 2674 E-mail:


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Endoscopic resection of haemangiomas in the sinonasal cavity

  • C E Song (a1), J H Cho (a2), S Y Kim (a2), S W Kim (a2), B G Kim (a2) and J M Kang (a2)...


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