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Ear, nose and throat manifestations of Lyme disease

  • T. H. J. Lesser (a1), J. C. Dort (a1) and D. P. B. Simmen (a1)


The manifestations of Lyme disease as they may present to the ENT surgeon are discussed. The most important ENT symptom is facial palsy. Particularly when combined with other cranial palsies, systemic illness or signs of meningeal irritation, the diagnosis must be considered. Three case reports are used to illustrate the presentation and diagnosis and treatment of Lyme disease. The characteristics of the disease are reviewed and the limitations of serological testing outlined. The literature has concentrated on bilateral or relapsing facial palsy. A review of palsies in Zurich that presented to the ENT clinic found only unilateral and partial palsies. The diagnosis should be considered in every case of facial palsy of unknown aetiology especially in children.


Corresponding author

T.H.J. Lesser, Department of ENT, University Hospital of Wales, Cardiff, Wales, U.K.


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Ear, nose and throat manifestations of Lyme disease

  • T. H. J. Lesser (a1), J. C. Dort (a1) and D. P. B. Simmen (a1)


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